Video credit: Special thanks to Jeff Smith of Deep Animation, to Paul Shale, and to Donald Trott ONZM

Remember Them

Remember Them remembers all who served in WWI. Almost 100,000 New Zealanders (10% of all Kiwis at that time) served overseas in WWI, with over 18,000 dying and 40,000 injured. The total number of casualties for all countries in WWI was 37 million. The Art of Remembrance provides two unique and permanent ways for us to Remember Them.

Remember Them is capturing the imaginations of people across New Zealand and the world.  Every Remembrance quatrefoil has a special meaning to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The Art of Remembrance project supports the preservation of St David’s – the WWI Soldiers’ Memorial Church.

The Installation – Khyber Pass, Auckland

The Art of Remembrance launched with a public art installation on the exterior of St David’s, the Soldiers’ Memorial Church, at 70 Khyber Pass Road, in central Auckland, New Zealand.

This three-month long public exhibition was unveiled on ANZAC Day 2015; The Art of Remembrance has now taken flight across New Zealand and the world. Remembrance quatrefoils are making their way to collections from Kaitaia to Invercargill, London to Singapore. Click here to bring home your artwork of Remembrance.

The Installation – takes flight

The Art of Remembrance project and the Max Gimblett ONZM Remembrance quatrefoils first caught the imagination of people across the world with the artwork installation on the red brick and stone facings of the historic Soldiers’ Memorial Church. Now complete, this three-month long, free public art installation formed the genesis of The Art of Remembrance project that now takes flight.

Max Gimblett ONZM – Remembrance

Internationally acclaimed artist Max Gimblett ONZM has created a solid brass quatrefoil to represent each kiwi soldier that served in WW1. These individually hand-screenprinted artworks are a stunning and permanent pledge to Remember Them.

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Voices of Remembrance

Hundreds of volunteers pledged “I will remember them” and helped us create this soundscape of remembrance, where the voices represent a soldier who died or was wounded in WW1. Hear the especially compiled Soundscape. To add your voice to this historical document click on the button below.

Project Pictures