MMXVIII (2018) marks the end of the WWI centennial commemorations – but it is not the end of The Art of Remembrance. The next chapter begins.

The forgotten memorial church that inspired The Art of Remembrance – St David’s in Khyber Pass, Auckland, New Zealand – has re-entered public consciousness.

We now turn our attention to ensuring the preservation of this historic place and to launching further iniatiatives to honour, engage and inspire.

Celebrating the History

On Sunday 24 July 2016 The Art of Remembrance celebrated making history.

$1 million raised to save a national memorial, the Soldiers’ Church, through an architectural-scale, commemorative art installation and worldwide outreach project. The largest sum ever fundraised through art in New Zealand.

$1 million raised through the generosity of the artist Max Gimblett ONZM, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of supporters.

While money alone cannot achieve our goal, it has brought hope within reach.

And now we prepare to undertake the next stage of our journey.

Join us.