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Andrew Bull and Mani Murphy

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Chris Waddingham

Joseph Waddingham

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Barbara Baragwanath

The Chartwell Trust

Lucy Whyte

Ross and Josephine Green

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Jenny Todd

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Eliza Donald

Dawn Judge

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Sarah Fox

Cedric Allan

Paul Shale

Judith Holtebrinck

Brent and Delwyn Goldsack

Julian Miles QC

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Mike Lee

Luke Lockwood

Lorraine Wilson

Lord and Lady Farrow

Allen and Ruth Dixon

Paul Nathan

Shirley Blackie

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Ann Pearl

Maria Lazurenko

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Mary Ann Judge

Julian Miles QC

Gillian Stobo

Antonia MacAvoy


We thank the Congregation of St David’s for their generous support of The Art of Remembrance Project. We also express our sincere thanks to each of our generous and brilliant project partners.  We ask all who love The Art of Remembrance to remember these companies and organisations: