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Your Max Gimblett ONZM Remembrance artwork takes the form of a quatrefoil. The quatrefoil shape has many meanings across cultures: an ancient Christian cross, a Jewish knot, a flower of the Pacific, a lotus symbol of peace and new life. It is also an ANZAC poppy. Each Remembrance quatrefoil is the size of a soldier’s hand outstretched. Purchase a single, the complete set of seven designs, or any number to make an arrangement of multiple artworks across your walls.

Please note:

  • Each Remembrance quatrefoil is made of pure brass, lacquered and baked, then silkscreen printed by hand in one of seven designs.
  • Dimensions and weight: 25 x 25 cm, 0.3kg
  • Every work features an Art of Remembrance provenance label, attached verso.
  • Artworks are wall-ready, with a picture hook provided.  Small blocks on the back of each quatrefoil create a pleasing distance (1cm) from the wall.
  • Our volunteers will send out your order within three working days of receipt of payment.
  • We suggest you place your order now as a limited number of artworks remain. Thank you!

Create your own Installation

Purchase more than one quatrefoil and assemble your own artwork. There are seven designs, which are randomly allocated to individual purchases. If seven quatrefoils (or a multiple of seven such as 14, 21, 42) are ordered, we will ensure that you receive each of the seven designs across your purchase.  However, if you have a special request, please let us know.  Contact us for orders over $10,000.

Product Description

  • Your artwork will be despatched within three working days of receipt of payment.
  • Like those who served, each artwork is a little different from the next, with natural variations in colour. Also, as the brass is natural and unpolished, it may have imperfections – this adds to their story and authenticity.
  • Donations without purchase are made to the New Zealand Registered Charity, Friends of Saint David’s Trust. Under NZ law, purchases of the artwork are not donations.
  • Artworks broken during delivery can be returned, at the purchaser’s cost, and replaced at the cost of the Friends of St David’s.
  • Provenance:  each Remembrance quatrefoil features an Art of Remembrance provenance label, verso.
  • Presentation:  each quatrefoil comes in its own special travel box (a gift box) together with background information.
  • Installation:  each quatrefoil is wall-ready and includes a picture hook for easy installation.
  • For conservation purposes we recommend indoor installation.

Additional Information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 25 x 25 cm